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Written by Daniel

OFellow Liverpudlians ! Let’s Discuss Liverpool ! Let’s Talk Some Reds ! 

Man mountain VVD is probably out for the season. The backbone of Liverpool on which their recent title successes were built is reduced to rubbles. Van Dijk was nothing short of World-class. Moreover, his leadership qualities and dominating persona meant he was unbeatable. Would Liverpool be an average side without him? Do they have enough steel in their ranks to out muscle Man city?


The nightmare Liverpool could not have afforded have just realized. They would never have thought of Van Dijk being injured for a match. However, fate has been in play in Liverpool’s dream title defense in reducing them to be without Van Dijk for almost the entirety of the season. No team would want to play against Van Dijk. Man City, being their closest title rival, the injury has given them a much-needed boost.

Title challenge for the ages

The league title race has come alive again. The deficiencies of Liverpool and Manchester City have given the others a new lease of life. Any team from the top half of the table can produce a run of form and sit pretty at the top. The 2010-11 Premier League season or Leicester’s title-winning season provided smash buckling entertainment to the finish. This season falls into the same category. However, Liverpool still has their strike force firing all in unison and City have De Bruyne to comeback. The title race is supposed to go to the wire again but expect Liverpool or City to win again.

Liverpool’s options at the back 

Liverpool’s backline was the source of motivation in their recent title success. The backline consisting of gritty Gomez, consistent Allison Becker, and the fabulous Fabinho are still in operation. However, the injury to Van Dijk has somewhat destabilized it. The consistency of Alisson and Gomez have gone unnoticed. Alisson’s impeccable concentration and steely-eyed determination are something to behold. The pace of Gomez has been favorable to Liverpool on several occasions in the past, likewise Fabinho with his telescopic legs. The chance has come to show the world that they are no mugs but legends in the same mold as Van Dijk. Their status would be solidly engraved in the hearts and minds of Liverpool fans if they are to come out with flying colors.

mentality giants 

Liverpool has overcome many obstacles in their recent dominating championship run. The determination and will of the Jurgen Klopp team are what helped to come through the difficult times. The character of the mentality giants will be on show again this season. The recent 5 game-winning run is a testament to those powers of recovery. Van Dijk’s injury has given Liverpool more motivation to win the title this season. The defense of the Premier League title is well and truly on.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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