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Written by Daniel

OFellow Liverpudlians ! Let’s Discuss Liverpool ! Let’s Talk Some Reds ! 

The mental struggle to conquer mission impossible is more complicated than the actual task itself. The 100 point barrier was one which Liverpool overcame in their successful title quest. The mission was even harder to overcome as Liverpool had not won the English title for 30 years. How does the 100 point barrier compare to Liverpool’s own 99 points one which they face this upcoming season?

100 Point Barrier

Manchester City Football Club made history when they achieved the 100 point mark in the 2017-18 season. They were scintillating in every possible way and a joy to watch. Wins came very easy for them. It looked a formality from the moment they stepped on the pitch. Many were fearing the future of the Premier League if they continue this dominance. No team could even come close. Rivals were forgetting the Premier League Title and were instead concentrating on a mini table under them. However, Liverpool, on the other hand, challenged them in the next campaign and attained their own piece of history by making 97 points. The points were not enough as City went on to defend their crown by reaching 98 points. Liverpool did not give up but broke their own records set a season before by scorching the Division with 99 points. It knocked City out of their perch. Moreover, it gave Liverpool the once impossible and elusive Premier League Title. The 100 point barrier had been overcome.

Double Champion

For any repeat title, you need perseverance, commitment, and motivation at the fullest level. Any small variation in those elements will no doubt bring the party at the season’s end to a quick disaster. Liverpool players need their inner self more to be resilient than ever before. It is this intangible factor that Klopp provides that goes unseen. Klopp needs to work his magic once more to beat Liverpool’s own ghost they have created by achieving the unthinkable level they reached last season.

Multi Functional Midfield

One thing in Liverpool’s favor is their strengths. It is easier to improve your own strengths than to achieve what is seen in others. Man city’s brilliant play and their mesmerizing midfielders are one of its kind. What Liverpool midfield possesses is their fight and energy. Those need recharging to work at their maximum levels. Investing in Thiago Alcantara will recharge the Liverpool midfield and give them another edge. They can now dominate the possession and use it creatively. This multi-function attribute makes them unpredictable.


Investment is a massive factor in any Title quest. Upgrading and improving help but buying top talents elevates the squad to unreachable heights. Liverpool owners historically are more conservative in their approach. They are more passive than their counterparts. However, they have strengthened in the right areas for the upcoming season with the addition of Thiago, super-sub in Diogo Jota, and left-back cover for Robertson in Tsimikas. Actively acquiring to set the standard is needed for future campaigns as they are the top-dogs everyone is chasing after.


An invisible enemy is more challenging than a visible one. Liverpool faces one such complication this upcoming season. All the previous winners of the league championship anywhere in the world automatically see themselves as invincible and unbeatable once they step into the field to defend their crown. The attitude needs to be controlled and put in their place to be able to successfully defend their position as League Champions.

Title winning Expereince

Experience matters in the football field too. The title-winning experience is an attribute labeled on every winner of a championship. It is a challenge to be the best in the land. The task becomes formidable for the first time. As Liverpool has got their hands on the Premier League, the experience counts the next time they challenge. The added know-how of being there in that similar position before equips them to be more calm and patient in the current campaign.

Mentality Giants

Manchester city’s 100 point barrier has been successfully negotiated. Liverpool’s 99 remains a work in progress. The transfer market success and a winning start have laid the groundwork necessary for the Repeat Title. The attitudes of players must change for a quick turnaround from the Aston Villa mauling. The mentality giants will need to make a re-appearance. There is no match than to show that than the upcoming Merseyside Derby.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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