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Written by Daniel

OFellow Liverpudlians ! Let’s Discuss Liverpool ! Let’s Talk Some Reds ! 

Liverpool’s Premier League opener could not have got much bigger. Liverpool is renewing a lost rivalry with Leeds United. Leeds are finally back in the big-time League. It has been 16 long years in the doldrums of English Football for the famous Lilly-Whites. The rivalry between Liverpool and Leeds is one of the latest adding to cherish this upcoming season. However, will Leeds get a reality check, or do they have any chance to come up with a shocking win?


Leeds against Liverpool is a famous old game. It was a major fixture in the days of Bill Shankly and Don Revie. A competitive game is always promised though Liverpool has won the majority of the time. Klopp and Bielsa add to this entertainment. Both are capable of making their team play attractive and winning football. Klopp highly regards Bielsa though he would not want to lose against his friend. Liverpool dearly needs a win to calm down the frustrations in the transfer window.


Bielsa and Klopp will take their seats in the Football Hall of fame due to their exploits in the pressing game. Marcelo Bielsa sets up his team to press in a man-oriented fashion. His forward press is designed to break up play in the midfield area. Moreover, the defense also is not compromised considering the available spare man in their ranks to mop up any opposition attacks. The build-up play from the midfield will be a fascinating watch. However, Leeds players will be needed to step up to the Premier League standard to outplay the opposition defense.


The role engineered by Kalvin Philips will be crucial if Leeds are to unravel the much-fabled Liverpool defense. He and the central defenders are to shepherd the ball and prevent Liverpool from dominating the match. Trent Alexander Arnold will be key for Liverpool to come with a clean sheet. The right flank side of Liverpool needs to stifle the attacking forays of Leeds United for controlling the match from the midfield.


Liverpool has not been in their best of form lately. The primary issue was the defense not operating to their usual high standards. The weak and one-dimensional midfield has been a long term issue. The loss of captain Henderson starved Liverpool of their intensity and energy. However, the attacking class fueled by youth bailed them out of jail. Leeds will be a more challenging opposition for Liverpool’s defenders.


Liverpool is invincible at Anfield for 3 years in the Premier League. Having accumulated 99 points in their recently completed season drives them to achieve the next milestones in front of them. Champions Liverpool are once again going to attack the Premier League and there is no bigger place anywhere other than Anfield to showcase it.


Liverpool 2–0 Leeds United

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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