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Written by Daniel

OFellow Liverpudlians ! Let’s Discuss Liverpool ! Let’s Talk Some Reds ! 

After beating Blackpool at Anfield by seven goals, Liverpool are on a high. It is the first time Liverpool have beaten Blackpool at Anfield since that awful evening that stunned Anfield before 10 years. The challenge provided by Blackpool was eerily similar to that nightmarish occasion in October 2010 when Liverpool was being managed by Roy Hodgson. They were facing a similar task to score 3 goals at Anfield to win a game. Liverpool was 2-0 down again to a second rate Blackpool side on both occasions. Klopp and Hodgson both had the challenge to restore the fallen pride of Liverpool Football Club. However, one had a squad full of youthful energy and the other expensive misfits. “You’ll never win anything with the kids” is a famous old saying which proved wrong once again.

Hodgson’s Liverpool

The match against Blackpool in October 2010 came after Liverpool lost to their bitter rivals Manchester United at Old Trafford. A nervous and twitchy fan base awaited them since Liverpool was closer to the bottom than to the top of the table. Moreover, the club’s finances were in turmoil, and the possibility of going into administration was not far away. Blackpool was ahead of their illustrious rivals in the table and were favorites to win at Anfield.

The game was a nice watch as it flowed from one end to the other. Both Liverpool and Blackpool created opportunities to score. However, the defining moment of the match had not come. It soon came by way of Glen Johnson, who brought down Varnie in the penalty area clumsily. Blackpool scored from the resulting penalty to make the already twitchy atmosphere war-like. Afterward, confident Blackpool started to play some glorious one-touch football. Liverpool manager Hodgson was numb and devoid of any inspiration in the dugout. As was the norm, Liverpool fans and players were turning to captain Gerrard for another crunchtime moment.

The game also suffered and became stale once Blackpool started to occupy their defensive zones to block any Liverpool advance. Liverpool, devoid of any creation, passed between their central defenders and made the fans all the more frustrated. Players felt the strain and decided to come further forward than usual. Blackpool sensed another opportunity to strike and waited patiently for Liverpool mistakes. It came by way of a Varney goal opening Liverpool again through the middle of the field. The goal was right on half-time. The second half brought newfound optimism after a rare goal from the Greek defender Kyrgiakos. However, Blackpool resisted solidly subjecting Liverpool to the relegation zone.

Klopp’s Liverpool

The 2020 edition also came after Liverpool lost a high profile game against one of the big boys’ Arsenal at Wembley. The inactivity in the Transfer market and the no shows from the first IX made some of the fans restless. Liverpool has not spent big since their spree in the 2018 transfer window. Midfield is the issue to improve and is very plain to see considering the creative dearth missing. The Blackpool game was only organized as an additional friendly to make the squad match fit again. However, the recent unfavorable results in the friendlies and in the previous league games magnified the importance of the Blackpool game. Liverpool put out their strongest available eleven. The match was supposed to be a walkover. However, Blackpool took the lead and doubled it after 30 minutes. Liverpool responded by getting a goal through Joel Matip before half-time. The game went into half time with Liverpool trailing Blackpool again. However, the change in time and management was starkly evident in the second half that followed.


The second half was full of goals. Liverpool scored 6 times. Such was their confidence and skill that it could have finished in double figures as the youthful energy and vigor were too much for Blackpool to contain. The class and experience found in the first choice eleven elevated Liverpool. They dominantly finished the game and laid to rest any lingering doubts regarding their attitude and professionalism.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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