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Written by Daniel

OFellow Liverpudlians ! Let’s Discuss Liverpool ! Let’s Talk Some Reds ! 

The boy is magic in every way you look. As a scouser playing for their childhood club, Liverpool is a dream for every Liverpudlian. Moreover, winning titles with your childhood club would be a fantasy for most footballers. Trent Alexander Arnold has done both and is a club legend already at the age of 21. He has redesigned what the full-back is supposed to do. However, is he playing in the wrong position as a right-back? Is a further forward position as a midfielder his future?


Trent’s capability to make things happen from the edge of the box is genius. He comes up with incredible 7-8 crosses each game without including the corners. His crosses are precise and have found the free-man at an astonishing rate more than David Beckham (supposed to be the best crosser) could muster. Moreover, Arnold also averages 13 assists and 3 chances created per 90 minutes. Such astonishing numbers are being made from the fullback position. Wonder, what would be his production from the midfield? His technical capability is no doubt the best in the Liverpool squad. Why is he not playing in a more advanced role?


Playing in midfield is not a new trait TAA has to develop. His days as an academy prodigy in the Liverpool youth were wholly from the midfield position. He has the Gerrard like cross-field passes in his armory and has come up with 400 accurate long passes in the last two years. Moreover, his shot power does not need further introduction. The full-back acts like a midfielder from their false position as Guardiola sets up his players. Some can play from midfield like Joshua Kimmich does for Bayern Munich. Trent Alexander Arnold would be suited for playing both roles. However, the Klopp system makes him more adaptable to play the Kimmich role. Henderson’s position would be ideal for him in the future. Fabinho can provide the cover behind him in midfield and Keita can play alongside him on the other side of the triangle.


The defending skills of TAA need upgrading. One of the weaknesses is his positional sense. The more he plays as a full-back, he gets more exposure for improvement. It would help his transformation as a midfielder in the future. However, he ably tackles and intercepts play, an attribute for a midfielder. As Liverpool is playing the 4-3-3 formation, it is easier for him to play Henderson’s role in the future. The midfield will lack the spark once Henderson ages. It could pave the way for Trent to take over the reins. He may need to boost his energy levels to be the engine of the team as Henderson does time and again.


Once TAA moves to midfield, a worry Liverpool will have is filling the vacant full-back position. One option is to develop Neco Williams, the latest academy prospect in the conveyor belt at Melwood. He can put precise crosses and ping passes as TAA does. However, his consistency needs work. Another option is to buy a full-back having defending skills. If either of these options come to fruition, then Trent playing in Liverpool midfield looks an ever-closer prospect.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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