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Written by Daniel

OFellow Liverpudlians ! Let’s Discuss Liverpool ! Let’s Talk Some Reds ! 

Buying Thiago is crucial to the Liverpool title defense. He offers the tiring one-dimensional midfield much-awaited composure and calmness. Liverpool’s midfield trio of Henderson, Fabinho, and Wijnaldum gives unlimited energy and dynamism. However, creative imagination is lacking big time and will be effective when football intelligence syncs with talent.


Liverpool has improved year on year with Klopp at the helm. In the season 2018-19, they improved drastically by 25 points. It was powered by 160 million pounds of investment. The upcoming season also needs investment in the right areas to propel it. The area craving investment is midfield because of the lack of options in the department. One weakness is it’s one dimensional and limited skillset. It can impressively perform the engine role in a world-class fashion. However, the creative mind often goes missing and is rather plain to see. A playmaker from the deep is the permanent solution to the problem.


Playmakers are plenty in the Premier League. However, Deep-Lying-Playmakers are very scarce. For example, Pirlo and Modric are geniuses in that role. They play deep but come up with killer passes to open up the defense. Liverpool has missed such attributes since Xabi Alonso left for Real Madrid. His impact was so starkly evident as Liverpool without him fell upside down and was a mid-table mediocre side. The role has changed hands ever since but has missed the required quality for 10 long years and needs to be replaced if possible this transfer market.


Thiago Alcantara is one such player who can, in fact, dominate the midfield area from a deep position. Players like Matic and Jorginho play straight-line passes and keep possession but rarely are involved in the final stretch of the pitch where goals happen. Then there are players like Gerrard and de Bruyne who can play the defense splitting passes. Thiago can play both sets of passes and is the missing piece in the Liverpool midfield jigsaw.


Fabinho playing in a pivot alongside Henderson and Thiago is a dream Liverpool midfield scenario. They can hustle, control, and win games from the midfield area. They are in their prime ages and can dominate the league for years to come. Moreover, Thiago can compete with Keita and provide rest to the engine room by offering strength in numbers.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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4 comments on “Deep Lying Playmaker

  1. Well compiled. Liverpool need creativity but the whole system is reliant on jurgenpress. Its really physically demanding. Can Alcantara cope with it? Can he do Wijnaldum+debruyner? Role of Wijnaldum is so under rated. When the team loses the ball attackers become the first line of defence. It’s easy to say and hard to execute. Creative players rarely have a perfect defensive side. I am not sure if Alcantara belongs to that category but its not going to be easy for him to replace Wijnaldum. Wijnaldum may not be flashy but he does the basic things right. He has goals in him, his passing game is good, his defensive game is excellent, his late runs to the box is exceptional. He is a perfect foil for mane, salah, firminho trio. Alcantara can be a better creative option but he can never be as good as Wijnaldum in the game called jurgenpress.

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